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I'm Sydney Cooper, a Health UX Strategist, healthcare blogger, and founder of the wellness brand, 1Eleven Wellness. I have a passion for helping people live healthier and happier lives through design, technology, and activity. Learn more about my journey below!

Your Healthcare Scoop

While pursuing my Master's of Public Health from Boston University, I embarked on a mission to bridge the knowledge gap between healthcare professionals and health-conscious individuals by creating the healthcare blog, "Your Healthcare Scoop". This platform delves into pertinent topics such as veganism, vaping, mental health, and maternal mortality, empowering readers with evidence-based information to make informed decisions about their well-being. 

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Scoop Designs

After successfully spearheading projects in public health and healthcare strategy, I felt called to integrate user experience (UX) research and design into my healthcare expertise. This transformed my perspective as a strategist, empowering me to create human-centered, accessible, and equitable designs that addressed functional needs within the healthcare landscape.

1Eleven Wellness

My latest endeavor, 1Eleven Wellness, is a wellness community dedicated to empowering women in unlocking their inner joy through holistic wellness and healing practices through access to holistic wellness resources and services.

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