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1Eleven Wellness 

A Community to Support You Throughout Your

Holistic Wellness Journey!

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Wellness Starts Here

Holistic Wellness means being physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially well, but there's no "one size fits all" solution. 1Eleven Wellness provides its community with access to services and resources that help women work on their wellness.

Meet Your Wellness Needs With:

Local Wellness Services

Use our growing directory to find the right wellness service in your area!

Wellness Tools for Anywhere

Learn how to incorporate simple wellness practices into your everyday routine!

Holistic Wellness Retreats

Get away with our wellness community to recharge and renew and reset!

Our Story

Navigating the healthcare system, and life's everyday obstacles can be challenging when trying to get or stay well. Holistic Wellness is an excellent way to support your health outside of the doctors office! We understand that the path to wellness is not one size fits all, and finding access to the right holistic wellness services for you can be challenging. Fortunately, 1Eleven Wellness was created with that in mind. 

Designed by a public health professional focused on human-centered design, our community offers access to wellness retreats, a directory or wellness resources local to you, guides to wellness practices that you can do every day. and education on how to stay well.

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Retreat with 1Eleven Wellness

Welcome to your newest safe space! Prioritize your holistic wellness with our online community, resources & retreats

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