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Here's The Scoop on Me

I've always been someone with many interests, but the common thread is always my passion for access and equity.


 Although I started my career in public health and healthcare strategy, then eventually transitioned to user experience research and design, I never lost that common thread. To me, the transition made a lot of sense. My career in UX became an incredible opportunity to create designs that were innovative, human-centered, accessible, and equitable. 

In addition to my corporate career and freelancing, I decided to start a healthcare blog that was curated to bridge the knowledge gap between healthcare providers and consumers called Your Healthcare Scoop

Finally, taking that goal a step further, I started 1Eleven Wellness as a wellness community to support women of color in unleashing their inner happiness, through holistic wellness and healing practices

I've recently been appeared on both Health In Her Hue and HITLAB. I love that my career journey has given me an opportunities to create things that speak to what I have always been passionate about, and I can't wait to share them with you! If you would like to get in contact with me about speaking engagements, please send me an email here.

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