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Your New Year's Resolution Guide [Pt.1]

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Happy New Year everyone!

As we all know, this is a very special new year, because it's the start of a brand new decade! So here's to 2020! This is YOUR year!

And if you're like me, you probably have a list of a million and one goals that you plan to work toward this year. We'll I'm hear to help.

This is YourHealthcareScoop's New Year's Resolution Guide


[Part 1]

Every year, I would sit down on Dec. 31st, and compose a short list of things I wanted to do differently, or do better. They typically had something to do with my career or personal health goals. But for some reason, I'd always fall off around March if left to my own devices.

And i know I'm not the only one. Through trial and error I've developed 5 major tips that i try to keep in mind when goal setting and goal chasing. This year, you got this.

No. 1: The Week Starts on Sunday

When trying to start something new, I think a lot of us try to start in the middle of the week, or at the top of the month, or on a Monday after a relaxing Sunday.

I personally think that starting something new or challenging is A LOT of pressure to put on yourself during a work day. You probably already have 100 emails clogging up your inbox after the holiday season or long weekend, so why would you add the stress of a new diet, workout plan,or side hussle?

Regardless of what you may think, people generally aren't very good multitaskers. Check out this NPR article if you don't believe me... It's worth doing something new with intention and mindfulness. That's why I loooooove Sundays! And it doesn't have to actually be Sunday. But what "the week starts on Sunday" actually means, is that the preparation for real change and real result starts in advance of the chaos, or need for change. Be proactive. Use this time to "jumpstart" your change. Not only can you try something new with less scheduling pressures and time constraints, but you can use the experience to plan out how you'll continue to work this new thing into the rest of your week!

No. 2 Don't Burn yourself out in the first week

Now I've talked about career burnout in previous posts, but personal burnout is just as important! You know that time when your parents made you eat leftovers every night for a week? And you never wanted to eat it again? You probably still don't really like it to this day? Well that that could be your New Year's resolution if you aren't careful...

TAKE THINGS SLOW. Build into your change. For example, if you're going to start working out for the first time in months, you don't necessarily have to throw yourself into the gym everyday for the first week for 2 hours each day. Forcing yourself into change with "trail by fire" is not how you maintain a love for something. And if there is anything I've learned, you have to find love in the process. So start with two or three times and week. Then build to 4 or 5. Allow yourself to level up, and grow into the change to avoid burnout.

Well, those are my first 2 tips! Go try them out and send me your thoughts! I'd love your feedback. Be on the lookout for tips 3 and 4 coming up next!

As always, follow me on instagram @Yourhealthcarescoop or send me any questions via email (

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