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YourHealthCareScoop Site Design & Development

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Prior to beginning my official career in UX, I started a health care blog (YourHealthCareScoop) focused on simplifying complex healthcare topics for it's everyday consumers and patients. The blog started on Instagram but eventually required a site for readers to enjoy longer articles, information on healthy recipes, and other content. 



4 months


Visual Design, Prototyping, Usability Research


Wix, Gmail, Instagram


Problem: needed an engaging and sleek website to house its content, keep viewers engaged, and provide an online community to stay connected. 


YourHealthCareScoop was built using the Wix website building platform. I organized my vision into a list of pages that I wanted to house the content, chose a color scheme for my brand that aligned with the Instagram page, and designed a cohesive site. 


Building this site was essentially my introduction to UX design. In the first few months I recieved feedback about the site (both positive and negative) from users that had also been followers on my blog. I didn't realize it at the time, but that was my first informal usability test. I spent weeks making edits based on the feedback, relaunched and followed up with users for even more feedback. 

Pease check out YourHealthCareScoop to look through it's current state. 

How it started:

og hlthcarescoop 1.JPG

The original home page required scrolling to understand what the point of the site/company was.

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The original blog page was unbalanced and missing images.

og hlthcarescoop 4.JPG

The origional contact page was confusing and provided duplicative ares for users to leave contact information.

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There was little to no attention to detail given to the mobile site. Pages were unbalances and difficult to view from a mobile device.

How its going:

blog now 1.JPG

The new home page is cleaner, and provides necessary information without the need to scroll.

blog now 2.JPG

The new blog page has all photos accounted for, and allows for viewing access to more post with less scrolling.

blog now 3.JPG

The new contact page is clean and efficient.

blog now mobile.JPG

The new mobile site has much more attention to detail, is well balanced, and mobile user friendly. 

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