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BSC HIT Team Site Redesign

hit team site for portfolio.JPG
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Blue Shield of California's Health Innovation Team (HIT) has not made updates to their team site in several years. There have been since been changes to platform capabilities, company branding guidelines, team structure, strategic initiatives, and accomplishments. I was tasked with partnering with our engineers to design and build a new team site for my department. 



6 months


Visual Design


Figma, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams



The HIT team is engaged in project work through market triggers, changes in technology, and requests that align with strategic needs. Due to the team's reliance on collaboration with other stakeholders within the organization, it is important to have a single source of information on the department and how to engage with us.

"How will the rest of the Blue Shield organization access information on our team, the work we do, and connect with us on potential future engagements?"


HIT's new team site is a visually appealing and intuitive SharePoint site that guides visitors through the team's purpose, capabilities, completed work, and path to communication. It also follow's Blue Shield's new branding guidelines. The goal is to encourage cross-functional collaboration on innovative initiatives and highlight the departments contributions to date. 


I conducted interviews with our engineers and department leaders to discuss content needs, and the technology capabilities of our platform options. I also connected with several other teams outside of HIT to understand how they stood up their team site and understand what has worked for them versus what has not. 




v1 teamsite design.JPG


figma screenshot for portfolio.JPG
Screenshot 2.JPG

Visual Architecture:

branding 1.JPG
branding 2.JPG
branding 3.JPG
branding 4.JPG


I collaborated with the engineering team, and product strategy team to transfer my designs onto the SharePoint platform. If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 


This was my first official design project with Blue Shield of California. While there was a lot more freedom building an internal site versus and external site, I did not realize how many iterations and design critique sessions that I would go through. It's taught me to never take feedback personally and to always keep any open mind. Additionally, I appreciate the flexibility from my stakeholders to publish and iterate on the site over time. 

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